We ensure that your goods, real estate and
assets are also effectively protected in the future

The incalculable our world becomes, the greater the demand for protection and security
becomes. We at Schumann-Sicherheit understand you and offer your security and comfort
for your company, your flat, your single-family home or apartment building,
or for the entire residential complex.

Security is a matter of experience, both with regard to the development of products and their use.

This is the reason why Schumann-Sicherheit has always been in close contact with specialists
from the CID and insurance experts.

Schumann-Sicherheit offers a clear customer-oriented service. Our consultants would always
be pleased to offer you a customized security solution.


Customer Statement:

“As a very experienced company, Schumann-Sicherheit placed its technical team at our
disposal for all of our requirements and in order to answer our questions, during the entire
project work. The responsible consultant could be contacted at all times, in addition to him
being able to make a contribution to the set deadlines being met to the fullest satisfaction
of all of those concerned. The Schumann-Sicherheit consultant was involved right from the
planning phase and this also proved to be very beneficial throughout the implementation phase.”
(Bits – Business and Information Technology GmbH, Iserlohn)

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