Locking systems

Specialists for locking systems

The user of a well-planned locking system can expect a high degree of security and comfort.
Its planning should also be supported by a specialist that has the required know-how for the
creation of the lock plan and accompanies the project until its conclusion.

A security card is issued as protection for all of the locking systems we install. By presenting
this security card, you prove that you are authorized to place subsequent orders in connection
with this locking system. Only orders that have been legitimized in this form will be completed.
The security card is always to be kept in a safe place! The computer-created overall locking plan
records not only the original system, it also includes reorders in the chronological order of their
receipt. This enables exact proof of the identity of the key holder to be provided at all times.

A computer-aided key management system has proven its worth when dealing with extensive
locking systems. The stock displays can be sorted according to the holders or the lock numbers,
for example. We can provide you with detailed information on the key management system.

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